Invocation for the Homewood City Council

Yesterday I was invited to pray for the City Council of Homewood.  I thought I'd share my prayer (below) and invite you to pray for your city council as well.  Here's hoping we can all be better neighbors.

Almighty God, I am so thankful that I get to live, work, and play in Homewood.  We are blessed beyond measure to be a city that strives to do right by those who call on it.  I’m thankful for the servant leadership gathered in this room and how their work continues to make Homewood a great place to call home.

Help this council to represent those in their charge.  May we stay vigilant, together, as we see other places divided along lines of “us” and “them.”  It is not enough to simply want to avoid the episodes we’ve seen in Ferguson or Charleston or McKinney TX.  We must desire the best for our neighbors.  It is not enough to decry the conflict of others.  We must love as you’ve loved us.  May we be responsive to needs - not reactive.

Lord, I pray you’ll help Homewood, and this City Council, to search for a larger “we” that goes beyond the many labels that threaten to divide us.  May they do justice, love kindness, and walk in integrity beyond reproach.

Bless the work of this Council.  May the conversations, decisions, and time spent here tonight be for the good of all of Homewood.

In your name,

Cause of Life: Connection (1 of 5)

Oakmont UMC is starting something new.  No, I'm not talking about the new preacher.  I'm talking about a renewed sense of becoming a part of the Kingdom of God.  That vision isn't about avoiding death - it is about embracing life.  Loosely based on Gary Gunderson's Leading Causes of Life, we are going five weeks through the causes of God's abundant life through Jesus Christ.  This is the first of five sermons on those causes.  I draw from Acts 2:42-47 for this sermon.

Just a note: I'm trying soundcloud for a spell AND this was recorded from my cell phone sitting on the podium.  Apologies for sound quality while I work out the kinks.

Chapel, May 4th 2015

Since I'm leaving BSC I thought I'd give a senior reflection.  I've learned a lot from my time here and thought I'd share!  Going to miss my homies.

You can find the sermon below, here, or on iTunes (Search for BSC Religious Life).

Chapel, April 27th 2015

Some people just can't stand leaving others out. One of those people is Lauren Patterson and she talks about the importance of unity.

You can find the sermon below, here, or on iTunes (Search for BSC Religious Life).