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My Past, My Future

This is a picture of my father and his grandchildren.
It's a picture of my past. It's a picture of my future. And you know what? I'm not sure it would have come to be in what our world has become. Sit tight, I have a story to tell and a commitment that I'll make. Join me for a sec, will you?

I can't. I've watched the conversations about immigrants and thought about my family. My dad came over on a boat with his parents. Literally. Now you can say you know someone who came over on a boat in a world where apparently people only jump fences? This is of course, my pain. I have been afforded a life that benefitted from the simple reality that when my Opa (Dutch, not German, although I'm not sure that mattered to some Americans) was looking to care for his family and have a life of abundance, The United States of America welcomed him from war-torn Europe to settle here. I see what is happening to our country now. Our attitudes towards the other, and I cry for th…

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