Dealing with Doubt (or, Reconciliation 3/3)

Doubt. It seems the more faith we have the more doubt we harbor. You would think as widespread as it is we would take it easy on those who express it.

Not so with "Doubting Thomas" in John 20:24-29. We know better. Jesus is resurrected. How could you be so obtuse Thomas!? Well, I think we can all relate to him. Maybe just labeling him as a doubter isn't enough? Listen to this sermon to find out:

Lost and Found (or, Redemption 2/3)

We loooooove to celebrate when we aren't lost anymore.  Maybe not so much when other people find their way back.  Redemption is a vital part of resurrection and sometimes it seems we have a problem letting God be God and redeeming those who come home.  Listen to this sermon to hear more.

Dry Bones (or, Resurrection 1/3)

Let's be honest.  There are things in our life that are just too far gone for hope.  They are dead.  Like, really really dead.  Dry bones?  Ezekiel discovered something about hopeless situations and the resurrection God can bring.  Scripture for this sermon is Ezekiel 37:1-14.

Also, This is a three part series on different aspects of Resurrection.  Redemption and Reconciliation are up next!

Cause of Life: Hope (5 of 5)

Hope! With all the anxiety, grief, pain, and evil we see in the world we have to stop and ask... do we believe things will get better? Hope is a cause of abundant life and essential to God's work in this world. I look at John 6:1-15 to see Jesus giving hope and how well we sometimes receive it. Also, big thanks to Karl Smith helping make these recordings happen!