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Outcomes vs. Relationships

Why do we Christians love the world? To bring the world to Jesus to be saved. Why does God love the world? Because God enjoys loving the world.

I wonder if you hear a difference in those two statements?

Recently I was introduced to this idea that many relationships, and perhaps many Christians are paying attention to outcomes, not relationships. I always loved to think that God doesn't really have an agenda (other than love) but I never understood why that mattered to me. It's because people know when they are a means to an end and not an end in-and-of-themselves.

This is why in an all-white church you can't just have a band member of color and say that you are diverse. This is why Christians who hand out tracts instead of engaging passers-by in friendly conversation do more harm than good for the cause. This is why parents will kick their adult children out of the house when they aren't "living by the rules." This is why I will always be skeptical of ministr…

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