Regeneration (Rebirth 5/5)

You'd be surprised.  For all the folks who could tell you John 3:16 without blinking we don't spend much time reading John 3:1-15.  Actually, that Scripture is the crazy part.  Rebirth?  Pshhh.  What does that even mean?  Listen to this sermon to find out:

All Things New (Rebirth 4/5)

Tim LaHaye has nothing on The Book of Revelation. Sure, the Left Behind series may be fun, but according to John of Patmos something even more potentially terrifying is coming: God. Yep. All things are being made new! Listen to this sermon on Revelation 21:1-6 to hear more:

Invocation for the Homewood City Council (9/14/15)

Today I was invited to pray for the City Council of Homewood. I thought I'd share my prayer (below) and invite you to pray for your city council as well. Here's hoping we can all be better neighbors.

God of us all, Thank you for the city of Homewood and its elected officials.  You are our creator, redeemer, and sustainer and as such we pray for your inspiration for tonight’s meeting.
Create in us a new heart for a better Homewood.  We are so fortunate to be part of such a great city and there is no time like the present to decide what our future can be.  May we create, through the civil discourse of this evening, the best Homewood possible.
Redeem us from our own faults and the mistakes of others.  May we not be limited by our past but instead expectant of a hopeful future which responds to the evil, injustice, and insecurity that threatens this great nation.  May these in government bring security and order in their faithful service so that everyone in Homewood may prosper.
Sustain in us a spirit necessary to be audacious in our goals, gracious in our disagreements, and loving of our neighbors.  May we take seriously the tasks before us tonight that our time may give voice to the powerless and ears to the powerful here in Homewood.
Look, we have a lot going on and we need your help.  Thanks for calling our leaders to fulfill their charge to the best of their abilities.
In Jesus’ name I pray,

The Model Church (Rebirth 3/5)

Woah, like, WOAH.  When you read Acts Chapter 2 you get this crazy notion that the early church looked completely different than what our current church looks like.  Maybe if we looked more like the Pentecostal church we'd have something exciting to invite people to?  Listen to this sermon on Acts 2:42-47 to hear more: