Shay Gibson's Senior Reflection

Shay Gibson gets things done.  And often those "things" are for someone else.  In her Senior Reflection, Shay uses Romans 8:37-39 to show how God has helped her, and continues to.

You can find the reflection here or on iTunes (Search for BSC Religious Life).

Shannon Thompson's Senior Reflection

You know those folks who are always happy? Shannon Thompson is one of them. But maybe you should know her better? She uses Romans 8:18-28 in her Senior Reflection to talk about how/why she got so gregarious.

You can find the reflection here or on iTunes (Search for BSC Religious Life).

Sean Orr's Senior Reflection

Sean Orr presented his Senior Reflection and used Mark 12:29-31.  Proud of Sean and know he'll do great things as he leaves BSC!  May we live into the hope that Sean has for this school.

You can find the reflection here or on iTunes (Search for BSC Religious Life).

Can I babysit?

Fun fact: Cheryl and I are expecting a baby Hinnen in late September.  We are, as you can imagine, ecstatic.  In the past I've heard people ponder aloud whether this world is a safe or scary place to raise a child.

I can unequivocally say it is both but I've got some of the greatest people to introduce our kiddo to.  For example:

So when you are expecting everyone asks you the same questions... "When are y'all expecting?" "Do you know if it is a boy or a girl?"  "Are y'all excited?"  "Can I babysit?"

Well... not everyone asks if they can babysit.  But a lot have.

Hence my first unfair division of the world: is this scary?  Or safe?  To answer that is more about my own heart and how I see the world than identifying who is safe and who isn't.  My parents raised me in a way that encouraged freedom but responsibility.  Heck, I rode a Greyhound to Wisconsin when I was fifteen.  Uh, well, moving on...

I've given up the internet this Lent because it feels like so many people feel this world is a scary place where you are simply moving from one tragedy/scandal/offense/hurt to the next.  What a sad way to go about life.  That doesn't sound like life to me at all.  It sounds like hell.

I wasn't raised that way.  I was raised going from one joy to the next.  And while I may never be able to control every situation/person my child will interact with I hope we can teach all our kiddos that love and life are bigger than hate and death.

Yeah.  Been thinking a lot lately about how I was raised.

So sure, you can babysit.  That wasn't so hard, was it?