What Love Can Do (Love Does 3/4)

If you could ask Jesus for anything... what would it be? World peace? End of hunger? If the Gospels (especially Mark) is any indication, we'd probably use a "genie" Jesus for less grandiose action in our world. National championship anyone!? Yeah. In Mark 10:35-45 James and John don't understand the context of Christ's messiahship and so they ask the wrong question. Jesus, after all, isn't a genie. He's a servant. Listen to this sermon to hear more.

What Love Is Doing (Love Does 2/4)

Camel through the eye of the needle. Memorable. But does it do anything for us? I love that when people quote this scripture they are usually lifting up an impossibility. But does Jesus use it that way? What if he wants to talk about what is possible but doesn't seem that way? Isn't he just trying to make a point that some things aren't possible? Listen to this sermon on Mark 10:17-31 to find out.

What Love Has Done (Love Does 1/4)

Ew. Gross. As if. John's Gospel presents a eucharistic moment that rubs against our sensibilities. Love has done amazing things and Jesus provides for us an example of how we should follow him. Listen to this sermon on John 13:1-15 and hear what love has done.

Regeneration (Rebirth 5/5)

You'd be surprised.  For all the folks who could tell you John 3:16 without blinking we don't spend much time reading John 3:1-15.  Actually, that Scripture is the crazy part.  Rebirth?  Pshhh.  What does that even mean?  Listen to this sermon to find out: