ENERGIZE! roids!

So I'm stressing. This weekend I have the privilege of speaking at the Energize retreat down at Blue Lake for the Alabama/West Florida Conference. Lots of kids. Lots of fun. Why the stress?

Well, I'll let you in on a little secret... I never feel really prepared for preaching. Especially when it involves trying to infuse a generation of Americans with spiritual disciplines that actually work in their lives.

here is the thing - this retreat is about giving these kids something that will help them connect with God. The agony! I mean, there are so many options! Do I preach old school bible study, prayer, evangelism? Do I try to invent something new? (which could only be a copy of what has worked before) Do I steal something thats worked before? (also inevitable) Do I take things that are boring and act like they aren't? The possibilities are endless and I know somewhere my apprehension will meet the HS and things will work out. But right now I'm a mess. Good ole methodism. Definitely has a treasure trove of material. Maybe I can translate 18th century praxis into my own High School Musical.

Now I just need someone to play the witty stereotypes and I'm set.


  1. if you can sing/dance and dribble a basketball i'd go that route. from what i see, you don't actually have to say anything if you can do those three things.


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