Jack's Fourth Journey

November 7th-17th I will be gone on my first journey. But it will be "Paul's Fourth Journey" through the Mediterranean. Well, thats what the travel company said, but we will still be going to places like Malta and Pompeii. Does it matter that Paul never set foot there? Of course not! If he was around now, he'd go on a journey to Malta!

So I have a story for you, because its cool. Last Advent, Bishop Willimon was preaching at our church. I remember it well because I used the same Scripture as him, but a week before. I don't think anyone noticed.

At the beginning of the service, our minister of Discipleship, Nancy Harper, was talking to Willimon about this cruise coming up in November through the Mediterranean and how it was going to be educational, etc. etc. He said, "You know, I wish young ministers like Jack Hinnen could go on trips like these." To which Nancy replied, "We'll have to pray for something to happen."

So she went down the hall and ran into a church member who said, "You know, what has really been on my heart lately? I want to send Jack on this cruise in November."

BAM! God is good. The coolest thing to me, is that no one will tell me who is sponsoring my trip! awesome. Now I need to shake a bunch of babies and kiss a bunch of hands, just to make sure I show my appreciation.

Oh, and we are going to Malta, where Paul went.