Just so you know, "onbevooroordeeld" is dutch for "open-minded" and no, I can't say it.

To be open minded. Ahh... the term just plays to all your pride at being intellectual, correct, ever adaptable, and yes, independent. But very few people are really open minded in my experience. I grew up in Alabama, but went to seminary at Candler in ATL. So I've been fortunate enough to hear both close-minded conservatives and close-minded liberals in different contexts. Where did all the open-minded people go?!

I'm going to write a series of posts on being open-minded. I need to be transparent with why tho...

1) Because it frustrates me that people are so CLOSED minded! Not only are people closed-minded unintentionally, but some are proud of it! A good example of this is when someone brings up being open-minded, some wise-ass will say "Well, you shouldn't be so open minded your brains fall out!" The wise-ass would take this title as a compliment, and I'll respond to this charge later.
2) It is an enigma of a word. Like everything else in the English language, it is neither as simple as where it came from or as complex as who is using it. What does it even mean to be open-minded!? Is it just a term for my buddies? Or for my enemies?
3) I think Jesus is perfectly open-minded and I want to show why I think that.

just getting the ball rolling...