Real Love

Copeland. Its a band you should check out. I give you the wiki site because their official website is another java app.

Anyway, they have a song called "Love is a Fast Song" and I can't resist the opportunity to share some lyrics...


What has love become?
(What has love become?)
It's not like we used to hear in those old songs
And it's not like yours
(And it's not like yours)
What has love become?

Whoa...your love is a fast song
And I'm dancing 'cause I'm loved again heart is in motion
For the rhythm inside you
Whoa...your love is a slow song
It's resounding through my world again heart is in motion
For the song inside of you


Love love love. God has shown us real love. I'm going to resist the urge to share scripture after scripture about the love of Christ.

But real love is pretty hard to come by in this life. I don't even know if love is like what we used to hear in those old songs that Copeland is talking about. Have any of us ever gotten to a real understanding about what love is? Technically speaking the emotional response to a state of being. Don't get me wrong, lots of things pass for love and try to act like love.

Real love requires no response. It has no record book (of wrongs OR rights), yaddayadda OKAYOKAY! 1 Corinthians 13! sorry. Had to get it out.

My Dad and I used to have discussions about whether people could actually do things out of love. His argument was that any time someone does something "out of love" for him, its really for selfish reasons (thus, as the argument goes, negating the idea that it is done out of love). You should check out C.S. Lewis' own take on this argument in Mere Christianity.

I would say no. You ultimately cannot love perfectly (but that shouldn't stop you from trying). Often times my own actions vary somewhere between "affection" and "please show me affection" and RARELY do they meet the criteria found in 1C13. But that doesn't mean God doesn't show us this kind of love all the time. And if by some strange chance I do something out of love, it is only because Christ is working through me. But I do get to participate in it, so I'm not a complete Calvinist :)

God has shown us real love. The move you understand love and accept it, the less you are being forced into a response and the more you just want to respond.

I hope on this retreat, I can help people understand that love requires no response, but once you can see it, feel it, taste it, and know the love of God, there is no going back. You find out love is a fast song and a slow song that you can't help but dance to. And that isn't a bad thing.


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