the REAL retreat.

This weekend I have the pleasure of speaking at the Auburn Wesley Foundation's spring retreat. The theme?

Real. And no, its not a Coke advertisement. Real! This from my "summary" -

Authentic Christians are hard to come by. The real moments in life are often the most illusive. If we get real about seeing the world/ourselves as God sees us, what would we change? The closer we can get to the real issue, the real experience, the real “down and dirty” of life – the more real we will become ourselves. This retreat isn’t about pulling us out of the “real world” but stepping back in a real way to reveal God’s very real purposes and insights for where we are in life. Maybe real moments aren’t so hard to come by. Maybe I’ve said “real” way too much.

The four talks are...

1.) Real Love - 1 John 4:7-12
2.) Real Small - Matthew 17:20, Luke 19:11-27
3.) Real Big - John 14:11-13
4.) Real Simple - Luke 10:27

We are going to Camp Lee in Anniston, and I KNOW God is going to show up.

I'll explain some of the talks in the coming days and I'd love your feedback...


  1. Getting real is really scary to me. It's like taking your pants down in front of a crowd. Why are the laughing!!!

    There's a bunch of stuff down in there that I don't want people to see... It hurts me and it embarases me that it's there. But, I don't know what to do about it. When I let all that stuff just hang out, I think that I become more approchable, more loveable, more capable of loving others. WhY? Because, I'm not focused on myself anymore. I'm just looking out for someone else...thinking about what Christ would have me do as his presence in this place.

    That's pretty freakin' scarry when you think about it. To be real, is to be exposed for the fake, screw-up, saved, loved by God anyway fool of a Christian. And when I am nothing but a big mound of useless Sh_t, then maybe I am approaching usefullness in God's eyes. At least I'm moldable sh_t.

    Let me be nothing that I might be something to a nobody... God hangs out with the nobodies.

  2. that's super cool jack. brings back the old days. I'll be praying for you and all the students this weekend. You'll have so much fun. I'm a little jealous!

  3. Oooh, this will preach. Well done. Well done.

    I am with Bart, being real is difficult sometimes in the real world as in the world of "church people".

    I love Camp Lee, its a good place to take people. Hope its a good time. And yes God is there and will show up. Will they show up to meet God?
    Prayers and looking forward to your sharing the rest of your talks.


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