Evan Almighty

Maybe I'm going over some previously looked at territory - but I'm watching Evan Almighty right now.

Theological implications?

1.) Doing crazy things for God - Has God ever asked you to take who you are and use it to do something incredibly crazy? Christians were once known for doing stuff that was considered loving, caring, stupid, messed up, radical, and definitely crazy. Loving enemies? Crazy. Seeking divine council from different sources than the established power structures? Crazy. Wearing comfortable natural colored robes that show just how crazy we really are? yeah. crazy and comfortable.

2.) Direct divine intervention - Who wouldn't like to have their facial hair grow regardless of how much you shave? Just a sign, c'mon God... I wish Morgan Freeman would show up. You know, when God DOES show up, we might be quick to say, "Ah!!! Its raining!" But when we come outside, its just the sprinkler. "Whatever you do, its because you love me! I wish you'd love me less...." mmmmm.... pita. Or unleaven bread, whatever. God shows up everywhere. Its your own perspective that changes how you see it. Last I checked, God moves everywhere and its how you see it.

3.) Family being scared - Evan's wife says that he's crazy, depressed, and needs serious help. How many of us have been there? God wants us to do something that estranges us from our family. And you know what happens? God shows up to them too. We might be able to turn our backs on our world...its all over the bible. But you know what? Sometimes we have to turn on our families. It pains me that this might happen to you. Ummm, thats in the bible too. But if you are lucky enough that your family catches the same vision - the kids will say, "you spend time with us, and you are home a lot more, just don't do that dance any more." God will do the dance with you now... he loves it too.

4.) We are all chosen. "Evan, what makes you so sure God chose YOU?" "God chose all of us." SNAAAP!! Whenever people look around and say, "What a crazy man!" Truth is, its for all of us...those wonderful clothes, the wonderful hair... snap. I still have chills.

5.) People will talk. Chastise, argue, insult. Whatever you want to call it. Folks love you. They can't believe you'd do this to yourself! Think of the profit you are missing out on! Think of the taxes you'll have to pay! C'mon, its not a literal flood - just a spiritual one! You've made your point, think of the kids!! They don't want to even THINK you might be... right. Even if you stay on the ark, if you make it to the ark, people will ask you to turn the boat around...move things. change them. Its YOUR fault we are on this stupid boat.

6.) Children get it right. Evan's kids have faith in their dad. Maybe they don't know the great Father, but there is something about how they live their lives...they instinctively can get into the right place and encourage even the most unbelieving of us that God is good. "No Dad! I told you, I'm with you!" Faith like a child...like a child.

7.) God comes through for you - or to be more accurate, we come through for God. When you live the way God wants you to live you don't discover some amazing favor by the Lord God Almighty. You find that this is where you were meant to be all along. Everything else is so foreign. Those past labels just held you back, kept you from where you were meant to be. All you needed was to come through for God - the rest just comes with it. But watch out - established power structures will be toppled. No stone will be left upon itself. The world will be forever different.

I'm not saying you need to go build an ark. I'm saying you need to listen when God gives you instructions - no matter HOW crazy it sounds. Chances are that you will be asked to do some very un-crazy things and still have a hard time. There might not be any floods, but there will be souls slipping away into the abyss if you miss this chance...

remember. don't forget what you've experienced. We so easily forget.

I've never seen Bruce Almighty, but I want to watch it now.