Is out.

Amid the storm of life I have been greeted several times by the smell of God's love. Honeysuckle. Not the widespread white blooming bushes that seem close by (those smell a little...stronger) but the soft, silent, sweet smell of honeysuckle.

Oh yeah, I'm incredibly stressed because gas costs so much and the recession is hitting hard. I'm incredibly stressed because this Sunday SDL will be moving into the well. Its just a 135k project on the line and if we can't keep the sound OUT of the sanctuary it will all be for naught. I'm incredibly stressed because Cheryl's parents are coming into town and I've got to clean the house so it looks decent. I'm incredibly stressed because General Conference is going on and people I love are "breaking fellowship" with brothers and sisters in Christ.

But I'm not incredibly stressed - a few times a day God makes it all go away.


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  2. I wish I knew portugese...

    It probably feels like it's all on your shoulders...but I think you can rely on the compassion of your friends and family. Sometimes, it's all we have left to rely on. That is outside of "relying" on the notion of "God" being there to help us.

  3. One of the beautiful things about being 50 yrs old is that you can take my house like it is, or just don't visit. Of course, you already know that.

    Also, I don't feel stress like I did in the past. I wouldn't go back for $999,999.99, but I would consider it for a cool million.

  4. Jack,

    This is so much how I feel sometimes. Thanks for sharing your heart. And thanks for the reminder that the honeysuckle is there if we'll just be present enough to notice it.

    Love ya,

  5. Yeah I love the smell of honeysuckle and jasmine early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

    I was standing at the edge of my yard the other day, sucking in the intoxicating perfume of the nearby honeysuckle vine, lost in my thoughts, when all of a sudden I realized I couldn't move. The honeysuckle vine had wrapped around my legs and would not let me go. The more I struggled, the weaker I got. As I wss losing consciousness I could see my future as just a honeysuckle topiary that folks would pass and say, "that looks amazingly like Bob".
    Fortunately the temperature that night dipped into the thirties up here on the hillside, the vine was briefly rendered dormant, and I made my escape.

    So, when you find yourself pausing from the ratrace to enjoy the intoxicating aroma of the honeysuckle, that's OK, but just don't stand still for too long.

  6. Bob Bentley, a topiary in his own interstate attraction! I'm pitching a film script to Wes Craven as soon as I can write it up. I'll make millions and invest it right back into the Kudzoo. I suggest a new franchise at the Brompton exit of I-20. Folks will come from as far as Pell City, I'm sure.

  7. Well, Lyn, I guess you won't be a silent partner. We gotta be cool about this project. There are vultures out there just waiting to steal this money maker. So don't tell anyone else about udzoo-kay.

  8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    (That's me being silent.)


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