spore - and being our own creators

Soon, there will be a video game out called Spore. Like September or something. Below is a video of a program called "Creature Creator" that will allow anyone to create their own creature.

The whole premise of this game, which I really like, is to create something that will survive in an environment. The COOL thing about this game is that users can use "Creature Creator" and when the game ships in September, YOUR animal might be in it playing against other user-created creatures for survival.

Humans have long been creators of all kinds of things. Buildings, art, video games. We'd like to think we can create little versions of us through childbirth - but these children rarely become what we expect - they are their own creations in a way and we have simply released them upon the world. While I won't go into a tirade on proper parenting and how this is

But humans love creating. I think we have in us this desire to be like our creator. The scary thing, and the strangest thing to me is that we would love to create life. We write stories about it, we make movies about it, we even make video games of creating creatures. But isn't there something repulsive about endowing life that we don't have to give?

This is one reason Frankenstein's Monster was so frightening - because deep down creating life can be...well...unpredictable and elusive.

check out this video of someone's creation. You think you would do a good job playing God?