Thats odd. This is just now hitting the internet.

But you should read this article and tell me your thoughts. I'm only brave enough to offer it to you, not comment on it (yet).


  1. It disturbs me that we spend so much time and energy preventing people who love each other from making a commitment to each other in the eyes of God. If God deems it to be wrong, then He can handle it.
    But what is odd to me is that we don't seem to put nearly so much time and energy in opposing acts of hate, injustice, prejudice and violence that are all around us.

    I just don't get it.

  2. I don't think it really matters who is in the marriage service, but rather that the marriage itself is taken seriously.

    Beyond just taking the commitment seriously (the civil union kind of takes care of that), a couple (of whatever orientation and gender), should explore the implications of a "church wedding" before proceeding. If a marriage is in a church just to provide a nice set for pictures, then we can rent out our buildings for that purpose. Many of our churches do.

    If a marriage service is truly to be a sacrament...not just because the ritual of marriage is recited...then we are talking about something very serious indeed!

    It may take a gay or straight couple, no matter, to show us what that sacrament is supposed to look like. But the sacrament of marriage isn't just the ceremony (in my humble, not ordained opinion). It is rather the life that is lived out and created by the participants. It is quite serious in the eternal sense. Not that we're going to hell if we get divorced (please! please God!!!) But that our lives have enternal consequences on other people. What we do matters... What we represent matters... The lives we lead with our friends and lovers affects our very the core. It affects how we minister to affects how we respond to God's call on our lives every day.

    The true Sacrament of marriage is indeed more important than the race and gender of the participants. But the sacrament of holy communion, is probably even more. Both should be holy and should lead me to a tighter union with the HOLY Spirit.

    If it doesn't, then the sacrament has been reduced to sacrilege...

    *note to reader...I frequently don't know what I'm talking about...



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