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Then check this news article. (

My bad Bart, I shouldn't have blamed Satan, I should have blamed those darn liberals. I hate it for the man, and God only knows where he is with JC right now, but why take out your frustrations on a CHURCH!? This isn't Christian on Christian crime, but it sure wreaks of some "blame" being passed on to the church.

Yep. Interesting, isn't it? A Christian church being persecuted because of acceptance of homosexual persons? The "outcasts" are accepted and the church pays for it.


  1. What speaks volumes is that the church members didn't wrestle the gun away and kill the guy. The subdued him. There had to be some time between holding him down and the cops coming. What did they say...

    Do you remember the Amish kids that got shot about a year ago? The families of the VICTIMS sent their love and support to the family of the perpetrator.

    The "media" just can't decide if it likes Gay people or not. But JESUS DOES!


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