technology is wonderful

I just discovered today that I can EMAIL Blogger my blog updates and it'll post. Amazing. Prepare for a whole bunch of little twitter-like updates with strange thoughts that you could care less about.

Now, I'm not updating today with it, but we'll see where it goes. On to other Church related things.

Every now and then I can grief myself (not guilt - grief, its different) into striving for a little self-awareness. This is what I realized...

In my life, I'm blessed to know some great people. They aren't great as in they have lots of money or lots of power. I mean they are great because I enjoy them and they shoot me straight. I feel like I know them, and importantly, they know me. I can say what I think and not have to worry about if they'll still be my friend tomorrow.

I've surrounded myself with like-minded people... and we often agree on things. I know - thats not bad. here is the bad part

Its not my friends I have trouble liking, its my enemies.

Real ground breaking I know. But *my* enemies are bigots, hypocrites, posers, oppressors, and lukewarm folks. Basically I'm admitting to a bit of christian snobbery. I have become so accustom to championing the downtrodden, oppressed, poor, ignorant, different, etc. that I also have become accustom to thinking myself better than others. Pride. Thats what its called. You might even say I've made certain people my enemies with the intent of eradicating them. How noble a cause!

I've looked at those who are closed-minded and I've hated them for it. It doesn't matter what label I'm thinking of right now (and won't share with you, sorry) - it only matters that there is someone who, in my mind, has chosen to be a prick. And for that, they deserve some hate thrown their way.

I think I'm going about this the wrong way. Jesus - when he looked at the Pharisees...did he hate them? Or relate to them? Loving your enemies sucks. I can't just have sympathy for them for being so stupid. I'm not asked to sympathize. I can't just give without asking... charity is not a high enough calling. I'm asked to love my enemies. That SUCKS! I'm very closed-minded to loving closed-minded people. Loving folks is about sharing and being with people. I've drawn a line in the sand and chosen my enemies. I can almost hear Jesus say, "Good job! You have your friends and your enemies. Prove you understand how I love you" and dang it, *I* chose my own calling. I need to love my enemies.

Like I said, not groundbreaking, but where I am. Apparently I think if I say it enough out loud it'll just happen. One can hope.