Preaching w/ tha bish

What do you expect to hear when you go hear a sermon?

Are you splashing around in the shallow end of the pool and think you are diving into the depths?

Tom Long says the main heresy in America today is superficiality


  1. If that is the case, are some sermons too superficial?

    Some ministers too superficial?

    Some churches too superficial?

    Some denominations too superficial?

    Or is it just the fault of Joe Christian because he is too superficial?

    Do we meet expectations, or are they too low?

    Is the problem the system or the individual?

  2. I dont' know what I "expect" to hear. I do have an expectation that the person preaching has prayed to bring a message inspired by God... That's the most I can expect and hope for. The rest is gravy...or Holy Spirit...

  3. gravy sounds pretty good, actually.


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