Happy Halloween!

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and all that jazz. Never did dress up as a kid for halloween. It was lost on me apparently. Cheryl is afraid our children will be boring and cynical.


anyway, while you are enjoying that candy you stole from the kid down the street, I wanted to give the first page of my notes from the Young Pastors' Network thing at Ginghamsbored - errrr, burg.

First installation:

The complete tally, make what you wish of this information:

Number of times each pastor mentioned their book or material:
Adam: 8
Brian: 1
Mike: 5

Number of times each pastor mentioned one of the other speakers' book or material:
Adam: 7
Brian: 1
Mike: 9

Number of times each pastor mentioned another pastor's book or material (who wasn't present)
Adam: 5
Brian: 3
Mike: 2


- Did mike have to turn down appointments to stay at Ginghamsburg?

God does God's best work in cemeteries. If we are in a foolish place, then God will definitely show up.

- So we are suppose to have this incredible vision of a 'world changing' movement? How do we downgrade our vision?

We don't have time to play church, exorcising demons is definitely different than making deals with them.

All leadership starts with self leadership. Five disciplines:

Devotion to God
Readiness for lifelong learning
Investing in key relationships
Visioning for the future
Eat right, etc.


  1. I don't know anyone with the last name Key to have a relationship with and when I hear the word vision as in this reference- I think of the Oracle from Charmed.
    Eat Right? Weight Watchers is having a special right now!

    Now that I have my sarcasm out of the way, I think developing key relationships are definitely a great way to learn more, be accountable for and grow.
    As the example of earlier...


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