Oxymoron: young pastor

This group of young pastors is getting together now.

Mike Slaughter has started us out giving info on the place and why we are here.

So we are here because Mike and Adam want to give future leaders of the Methodist Church a "leg up" in developing methodologies and such.

In other words, they want to offer a united methodist model for success, and there aren't many of those


  1. Wow. success. What does that mean Jack? Forgive my cynicism but Jesus gave us a pretty good model, we just refuse to do it. You know, love, serve, take up the cross and follow. That model tended to discourage large crowds.

    OK, that was a little heavy. Sorry, just in a cynical mood. I'm glad you are getting this opportunity. And I don't think young pastor is an oxymoron. Jesus was only 30. Served three years.

    That puts you right in the prime of your ministry, right?

  2. Oh believe me, I am cynical about this as well. I'm keeping a running tab of how many times they reference their own book or the book of another speaker at the conference.

    so far, brian mclaren has been the most humble person I've heard from. Adam Hamilton and Mike Slaughter also both had their points - but there was definitely some bread buttering going on.

    More as it happens, I'll post about today later tonight.

    But to answer your question, success is being where God wants me when God wants me there.

  3. Brian MClaren is probably wearing clothes that I paid for. I bought a bunch of his New Kind of Christian series and paseed them out. Rhen Generous Orthodoxy almost split our Bible Study.

    Anyway, you are right about your definition of individual success. Just be open my friend. God has a great adventure in store for you. But don't get too cynical.


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