Waiting for Jesus to show up

I'm expecting Jesus to show up.

And he is, I just have to get used to my surroundings. The picture above is not the kind of worship you'd find in alabama. But it is the same God. Different people.

Habakkuk 3:17 offers a beautiful hope. Even with light shows, I will be joyful in my Lord and Savior


  1. um, are those BUTTERFLIES hanging from the set? or angels...either one would really be priceless.

  2. yes, they are butterflies.

    about change, right?

  3. Are your hands in your back pockets yet?

    Hope to see ya Sunday!

  4. God loves light...He created it. Enjoy the glowing butterflies of change.

    or close your eyes and it's like they don't exist...that'll make it easier.


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