winds of change

Weeeeee! Two things that are as American as apple pie are being parodied in the theatres.

Religion - specifically the Christian variety is familiar to us, but in the film Religulous pokes fun at the apparently stupidity of believing in a loving God.

The presidency - specifically the Bush variety. The Film, W. portrays a president who hasn't even left office yet. Isn't it amazing?

As it says at the end of that film critique:

"W." will change no one's mind. If you thought Bush was an idiot going into the movie, you'll continue to think so; if you were a fan of his, you'll think this is a hatchet job (then again, you probably won't be bothering to see it anyway). In that regard, "W." has more in common with "Religulous," Bill Maher's dissection of organized religion, than it does with any previous Stone film. Both men are preaching to the choir -- they're just doing it with signature entertaining style.
Wow. Signature entertaining style? Is that like saying if I make fun of your Mom's haircut its okay as long as I do it with flair?