Fourteen weeks, or 3 full moons and spare change

Last night I had the joy of being with friends within my own house.  The food, the friends, the fellowship.  God laughing with us at the table.  Good stuff.

But as I think about last night I can't help but dwell on my significant other (other than Jesus).  As I've been in the ministry I have had numerous well-meaning and loving mothers and grandmothers who worried that I would find "the one" - I don't want to argue with that notion of the one person God has set aside for me, but I do want to argue with the side effects of such nagging.

I have always told myself and God that I didn't want a "typical preacher's wife" - whatever that means.  Sure, it would be cool if she cooks, sings like an angel, plays the piano, and can run the Children's sermon on Sunday, but her effeciency at those functions was NOT my starting criteria for my spouse.  Those who encouraged my getting married for better reasons often spoke of someone to encourage me, to vent to, etc. etc.

last night, my wife was not a preacher's wife.  Last night, she was my wife.  Or to make another accurate statement, I was her husband.  We make a good team.  It was fun getting to be the Hinnen family.  As wonderful as it is to be a person, is it not greater to be part of something larger than yourself?

We've been married for fourteen weeks, but we guage our marriage by full moons.  The first time we were in Pensacola and I got to meet her parents we had a full moon.  We got married the same day as a full moon. 

I'm just thankful, thats all.


  1. You are two great people and one great couple. Thanks for the party.

  2. Very sweet!

    It is nice to be your own family! It's a wonderful feeling, it's even better when you are coming to the Lord as a family- learning that part now as you know!

    Now, when you are going to start growing your family!(Sorry- had to give you an older lady question) :)

  3. Don't tell us, goofy. You both are blessed. Tell her. Or maybe she reads your blog. Still, tell her.


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