Page 4 (and an election)

I voted today. I hope you did too! Here is a great spoof on the whole thing. (HT to John the Methodist)

Anyway, Page 4 - Investing in key relationships

- Would I sacrifice my relationships for Jesus?

Life happens in the margins - so we need great places to create room for relationships. What is around the text matters on a page.

How can we worship God when we can't stick to a marriage where I can see the other person.

Key Relationships
  • Kids
  • spouse
  • strategic relationships
This whole point was that we should not be so busy with life that we neglect those relationships that make life worth living. This isn't to degrade the importance of other activities, but to strengthen them. For example, as the talk mentioned, if you can't care for your family, your family really can't care for you. Eventually YOU falter. This is blatantly apparent to me from the failings of some ministers. In every instance where there was an affair, addictions, or misuse of Church funds, there was not enough accountability.

And really, when people talk about accountability they really mean there is a lack of relationship.

I wasn't sure if "strategic relationships" were simply schmoozing with important people or managing leaders.