God's great revelation

Oh God, I offer you this prayer...

save me from your followers.  God you have such great plans for them, but they get to a certain point and simply stop listening.  Its as if they think you are dead.  Its as if some book can contain you.  May their ears unstop and their eyes see the glory of the Lord.  

save me from your holidays.  I spoke with a friend in my office today that is desperately trying to get through the hope of the holidays.  That sounds funny, but you know where she is.... her mother passed and she just can't find the strength to put that tree up.  I pray she finds grace, not a judgment for her lack of "hope" - please be with her, not the holiday.

save me from your enemies.  I've been reading a bit of Old Testament.  I am sure of two things.  First, you are in control.  And second, it is not my place (and I'm a preacher!) to correct the mistakes of this generation.  I am simply a voice.  One crying out in the wilderness of life trying to prepare for the coming of the Lord.  The OT implies that even though there are times God might seem not in control, it is not the lack of God's control that is the problem - its the lack of control by God's followers that brings the pain.  Your enemies are often those who claim your banner.  God help us!  Thank you for being with us. 


Listen, I'll tell you a secret that even my wife doesn't know (yet).  I believe Jesus will come back before I die...why?  Well... one can hope, right?  This is the only life I've ever lived.  I tell you this because our God is so great, how can we not believe close-mindedness will be destroyed and the most open-minded God will coach us to perfection?