You remember that Dr Suess book about cars? It has dogs driving funny cars and was a favorite of mine.

I wish sitting in traffic in Birmingham was that much fun. Word to the wise:

stay off the roads.

We've had a whole year to prepare for Christmas. Why do we wait to the last moment to prepare for this stuff? I know everyone doesn't procrastinate like me.

But our attitudes towards God often are last minute too, aren't they? There is definitely waiting to be done for God to show up, but thats not what I'm talking about.

We often don't seek God til the last possible moment. And God is definitely willing to oblige. Coming to Jesus late is better than not at all. But how much better would my life be if I saught God before the traffic was so bad? Or before the economy went to crap? Or before I was diagnosed with cancer?

Saw this on the way into a hospital...

Guns save lives
Maybe yours

Wow. What if I lived in a world by working towards no guns, rather than getting one for the dire moment where it is my gun against yours?

Just a thought for you while sitting in traffic.


  1. I spent 4 hours in the Galleria tonight. Just E and I since Matt was working at his second job.
    I was thinking, ya know, I could buyt this $200 phone for him.
    I didn't though. Mostly because my mom talked me out of it but also because Christmas isn't about large items any more!
    Anyhoo- all of that to say- procrastination is also my middle name.


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