Resolution #2.1

Ah, and here is an addition to Resolution #2, as pointed out by my good friend, even pastors need some comfort/affliction in their lives.

So the addition appears in italics.

Resolution #2 - I resolve to be the best pastor I can be by sharing Christ with others and letting them share Christ with me.

There are few things more frustrating than people who do not listen to God when speaks - and I place myself as a chief offender in that catagory.

Lets face it, often pride comes before the fall. And nothing plugs those ears better than pride. Its the minister who separates themselves from their loved ones who falls victim to an affair. Its the pastor who can't hear the murmurs of discontent above their own voice. Its the Pharisee who is so sure in their ability to hear God that they _cannot_ be wrong, no matter what the Bible says.

Dangerous dangerous dangerous... now, just like with all of God's people, there is a time for building up and a time for tearing down. Constructive criticism is not just a two way street, its the faint path through the woods next to the interstate. Not only do people rarely offer me honest criticism (dishonest criticism is criticism for the sake of tearing down, not improving a pastor) but I rarely accept honest criticism. Truthfully, I'm careful who I ask for opinions from, and this is dangerous.

If I'm going to be the best pastor EVER, I'm going to have to be open to hearing the frustrations/pains/fears along with all the good stuff. Sometimes I need to get picked up and brushed off, but sometimes I need someone to knock my knees out from under me. Thank you, friend, for making that obvious to me. I'll take your challenge - lets build each other up and hold each other accountable.