Are rich people ruder?

Here's a five spot.  Now go away.

I'm a regular reader of Mental Floss.  They pushed this out today and I have to say, I've always wondered this too.  To quote the findings:
The researchers draw a simple, almost Darwinian conclusion: the wealthy don’t engage as readily as the less-wealthy because they have less to gain from being liked. Another way of expressing this: the wealthy and powerful are less dependent on others, so if they act a bit like they could take you or leave you, it’s because, well, they could.
We aren't talking about anything other than the social interactions of people who are wealthy and people who are not.  Honestly, I'm not sure how accurate this is, as I've met some fairly rude poor folks as well.  But I guess in a situation where two strangers happen upon each other in the street - perhaps the more wealthy person would be less friendly?

I bring this up mainly because my congregation is made up largely of affluent white americans.  In fact, if I had to guess, the majority of Methodists in America are at least above the poverty line.  The UMC is shrinking in the United States.  Why?  Is it because instead of welcoming and valuing whatever these people bring we have turned the tables and decided we just have more to offer than to gain from your participation in this Kingdom of God?

We must value every person who walks into our churches.  Not because we need to be liked, but because our wealth is a different kind of wealth.  Its the wealth we need to share, not horde.  The more you try to keep it for yourself, the less Jesus is even real to you.

We are all rich.  But lets not act like that can separate us.