Happy...Ash Wednesday?

So how do you greet someone on Ash Wednesday?  "Happy Ash Wednesday!" just doesn't seem like the right mood.  Do you say it with a really forlorn look on your face?  Or do you seem excited about Easter coming and smile while asking for penitance?

Remember!  From dust you came and to dust you shall return!  Have a great day!

Here are my recommendations for decent Ash Wednesday greetings, all are said within the context of how you and your greetee are feeling today:

"Ashes to Ashes!  Dust to Dust!" - but when you say it, make sure you high five them.
"You'll die someday and they'll bury you in the ground!"
"How was your Fat Tuesday?"
"Where is your greasy cross?" - awesome way to strike up a conversation.
"Remember Ash Wednesday!" - My only real serious suggestion.

Yes, I totally took this pic from these guys.  HT I guess.