Angels and Demons

Let me just throw this out there: who cares?

Aren't we over the whole religion/science conflict? I think its overblown.

Sure, I know there are those out there who have a serious problem with the whole creation/evolution thing. But this movie certainly does not assist that conversation at all.

But I bet its a great movie. I loved the book but I read it a while back and some of it isn't coming to mind. I remember thinking that the characters were better than the Davinci Code (although some of them are church folk, maybe I'm bias?) - I hope to see it soon, actually. And when I see it, I'll let you know what I think of it. I can guess that in typical hollywood fashion the church will be seen as, at best, a short-sighted, anxious, and fearful institution that is a victim of outside forces too powerful to withstand. At worst, the church will be represented as evil, malicious, and trying to stave off obvious defeat to the more respectable intellectuals.

puleese. First, the synthesis of science and religion is not that difficult anymore, as any clergy worth their salt will plead some measure of ignorance to the workings of God. Nowadays, this is not a political or militaristic statement about whether the Church is right - the stakes are different.

Think about it, when the Catholic Church had such a "hard time" with science, they were oh-so political - simply trying to maintain political clout instead of further the understanding of God's beautiful creation. Saving face.

But now, why do we invest so much into pitting science and God? If every scientist in America were a God-hating athiest, it wouldn't scare me a bit. Their work would still (in my humble opinion) praise the creativity and complexity of a world that is far too grand for me (or by extension, humanity) to fully grasp or ever conceive. God's truths CAN be factual, btw. They don't have to be all faith and such. Don't you think the curve of a circle (pi) or 9.8 meters/sec(squared) to be Godly truth? So what if God decided to create the world in seven days - isn't he God? Can't God pull that off? But couldn't he also spend million of years perfecting DNA?

Why does my stance on evolution color your perception of how faithful I am as a Christian?

I can think of more godly things for Christians to get passionate about.


  1. Agreed. And the movie is actually pretty good, so long as you keep in mind that it's just a movie.


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