Question for you...

Some people are so offended (or torn up) among Christians that they see no alternative other than division.

What, if anything, do you consider reason to "break fellowship?"

What could bring more Christians together?

as an aside, I am completely slammed this week and won't be able to get a post in edge-wise.  I miss you too. ha!


  1. I don't think there is a reason to break fellowship? I mean, there is one person who I really do not like how she presented herself on first meeting but I don't not fellowship with her because of it because she is a sister in Christ.

    I think when I would break from someone is when they started using the Bible and God's word to make Him into a God of their own agenda, make sense? Example would be the man who pickets the funerals of gay people and such. I would NOT fellowship with them. I would pray for them though.

    Man, ya mean I don't have a cheat sheet going into Sunday! Dang it.

    I hope Friday is a wonderful day for you. If you are free Saturday from 3-7, call Matt. :) He is having an all guy day for an early Father's Day gift.

  2. We do it all the time based on religion, sexual preference, divorce, bad fashion, economic situation...hell, even where we live causes us to "break fellowship" with certain people who don't have access to our "circles." It's almost a sin of ommission, rather than commission.

    To not "break" fellowship means we have to actively seek fellowship lest we passively "break" it.


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