Back in the saddle

With weeks at Camp Sumatanga and Jamaica behind me, I'm prepping for the Fall. The greatest enemy that stands between me and my work is perhaps myself.

Case in point - at my Grandfather's funeral one song we sang was Blessed Assurance. Ironically, I couldn't sing it. Sure, music speaks (sings?) to a sensitive chord within our being, but here is a song about resting in the love of God and I couldn't get it out. It wasn't from lack of trying - and I had to fight just to try. I would have rather just kept my head lowered and my mind elsewhere. Stupid vocal chords. My mind was focused and keenly aware of what the words meant. But that "focus and determination" was met with an equally powerful ache from somewhere between my throat and my stomach.

This is of course, while I'm leading the funeral. There isn't anywhere to hide when you are sitting higher than everyone else in the room.

But this, my friends, is life. Not death, mind you, but life. Rolling with the punches, persevering through the changes that come. There is growth to be had. Experiences not yet revealed. And surely, brighter days are ahead. Because thats how cool our God is. If God is for us, who can be against us? Certainly not death. Or business.

These past few weeks have been draining, but in a good way. What I mean is that my perspective has been forever changed. I've made new friends at Sumatanga. I got a great farmer's tan in Jamaica (and build a basic school while doing it). There are things to be gained from this summer.

AND, to top it all off, August 16th (about two weeks from today) will be my one year anniversary (hence the blog background change). I can't believe I've been married a year. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and sometimes it feels like it was lifetimes ago.

One thing is sure - my God loves me and will always work for my "good" - I hope the same can be said about me and my desire to bring the Kingdom of God onto this planet.


  1. thanks for this. it's incredible how i read things right when i need to hear them...


  2. If your anniversary was April, we need to talk bc that was awhile ago! :)
    Your wedding weekend was the 1st time we decided to try SDL. Jim led the sermon and we loved it but loved it even more the next week when you were there... I was thinking last night that September will be a year since we joined RUMC, def an anniversary worth celebration bc our church flat out rocks.
    I am sorry for you loss and am happy for your gains.

    See you Sunday.


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