neighborly-ism: more radical than socialism.

Doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but I bet it could be just as much of a snark as "Methodist" was back in the day.  Or nowadays, maybe even "Christian."

What I love is that for all the people who think "liberal" Christianity goes too far, the true answer is that no, it goes farther than you think.  I could argue the same about "conservative" Christianity and how some of my friends will do the craziest things in the name of Jesus (thank God, literally).  The bottom line isn't the liberal or conservative labels, it is the faithful following of Christ that calls into question everything.

But alas, I haven't heard many "liberal" Christians running around wanting to disown their conservative brethren so I can't speak to that call, just yet.  I must roll in some pretty gentle crowds.

HT again to my friend Lyn who apparently lacks both a blog and twitter.. (and thanks to Rev. Jim Evans for the article, of course)