An open letter to Mr. Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck urges listeners to leave their churches if they preach social justice.

I'm hurt, to be honest. I didn't see the broadcast or catch the whole transcript - but I'd love to ask you why you see fit to cause more division among Christians. I'd argue that there is only one way to respond to such talk: stories of God's love and grace.  I know men and women...real flesh and blood Americans who love their neighbors like Jesus.  Who cares what they call it.  Why demonize people who love other people?  Why assume that the Christian next door to you is truly a communist in disguise?  These shenanigans only further entrench the notion (for conservatives and liberals!) that the real enemy is next door.  Where is the fruit?  What do the stories say?  Isn't being concerned about abortion a social justice issue?

Any time you have two people in a room together you've got social justice issues.

I remember a guy who talked about wealth, economy, and oppression.  The same guy was killed for loving the unlovable.  He ate with sinners: tax collectors and prostitutes.  From his witness a community sprung up that brought everyone together.  Rich, poor, black, white, Gentile, Jew, male, female, conservative, liberal, young, and old.  They all come together in the body of Christ.  It is this man who I will side with.  If being worried about the people and things Jesus worried about is worth being called communist and nazi, well... so be it.  Surely worse has happened to faithful Christians who tried to do what was right.

Are you saying Jesus is about Communism and Nazism?  Wow.  Jesus was around before either.  And, if I remember my history correctly, neither liked Jesus either.  Isn't it ironic that a.) you would encourage Christians to flee churches that would have been oppressed under Nazi or Communist rule. b.) you encourage listeners to read the Bible!  Jesus talks more about money than he does about heaven!! c.) In the name of defending Christian freedom you denounce.... Christianity.  Wow.  We've been on this merry-go-round before.

You are on target with one thing: I would lovelovelove it if church members were beating down my doors asking how they could love their neighbors better.  One can only hope, eh sir?

well you are right, actually.  Sounds like someone will censor what I read in my Bible.  And no, I won't stop talking about God's (social) justice.

In Christ,

HT to my friend, Lyn.  Props to my brother, John Carl. And Here.


  1. This letter has a good chance of showing up on the hate mail section of Glenn Beck's web site. You hater, you.

  2. I saw the Glenn Beck thing yesterday... Sad. Talk about making God in your own image and selectively reading the Bible.


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