Java with Jack (Sermon from 7/4/10)

It's tough, but yeah, I really think God should be our only priority. Seek ye first the Kingdom?

In the sermon I bring up "perfect freedom" - and I made the point that all nations have some measure of freedom. Some more than others. But if you are looking for the ideal kingdom (nation), there is no better example than God's example. Not Israel, and not America. Sure - there are great hopes, but Israel (biblically speaking) lets God down. America? Our history is too short to figure out if we have pulled it off. The fact of the matter is that America does have those who are the ancestors of Abraham within it's borders.

America may be divided, but not because of the republican/democrat rich/poor white/non christian/non divides. If it is divided, it is because even America, as great as it is, doesn't allow people to be free like the Kingdom of God does. It's divided because Christians, for our part, aren't sharing our freedom with others. Anyway... enjoy.

Java with Jack (Sermon from 7/4/10) from Jack Hinnen on Vimeo.