3rd Sunday of Lent

What do Invisible Children, Rush of Fools, and I have in common?

Jesus! Well, Him, and we all got to participate in an event this past Sunday called "Together" at Birmingham Southern College. Being United Methodist we use a particular word to describe Churches/Christians working together...

"Connectional" - the idea that churches are intertwined together through the system of pastors/laity working together for Jesus. So when there is a connectional event where Christians can come together, it makes me heart warm. At its best, connectionalism enables the church to be a larger body of Christ that can do more than simply be a bunch of smaller bodies. At its worst, connectionalism holds us all back because it stifles risk, boils down to politics, and ultimately diverts our attention away from Jesus.

This event was, for me, the good kind of connectionalism.

Thanks to all the youth who came out from around Alabama. Especially from Riverchase UMC.