Day 15 of Lent

I remember when the internet didn't exist. Well... to put it another way, it was a very minor role in my life and it cost me long distance charges.

There was a BBS in Auburn - we lived in Dadeville. I downloaded games across what was probably a 9600 baud modem.

Wait, come back. Before I lose you in my techie jargon - I have a theological point to all this, I swear.

Do you remember what it was like without the internet? This has been bouncing around in my head because I think now about life with the internet and I try to remember what it was like before it.

I think finding God and spending time with God pulls a similar analogy. Sure, there wasn't an internet - but we had ways of finding information. Encyclopedia Britannica. TV entertained us on Saturday mornings. I'd actually listen to the radio in the car. All those things are so antiquated by today's standards. With God, I would say I still looked for meaning to life. I looked for God and talked to my idea of God. But now that I know Jesus and seek a relationship with him. All those things I used to do seem so antiquated.

You get my point, yes? Our strivings to find God look pale in comparison to finding Jesus (for me). Sure, there is truth out there. But it is so minor that once you find God in all the ways Jesus showed was possible, would you really want to go back to the way it was?

I might look back fondly at those days of yesteryear and smile. But I wouldn't want to go back to it.

And the same is true with Jesus. What was behind must stay behind. I've traded the old for the new. To go back now would be... not taking advantage of the greatest relationship I was created for.

Onward and upward.