Day 27 of Lent (redux)

Just kidding fun people who like to argue - your argument isn't invalid (see yesterday).  You have valid and legitimate concerns.  And besides, if you don't raise these issues, who will!?

Obviously your enemies are at work here... the insidious and evil people who wish you and the whole world harm simply because... because.... that is how evil they are.  In fact, just my flippant attitude about your argument really means I'm in league with the enemy - it's all a conspiracy, you see.  Yesssss... ;)

But I'm going to step back from that a bit.  You do, after all, have valid concerns.  In fact, it is precisely those concerns that Jesus is interested in answering.

This is why he is on his way to Jerusalem.

Some things we can bring to his attention now.  He'll gladly tell us how we have a third way... not fight, not flight, but another way to respond.  Turn the other cheek.  Walk an extra mile.  That kind of thing.

But if you are curious how Jesus ultimately (his greatest act yet) responds to sin.  Well, you'll have to come with me to Jerusalem.  Come and see.