Day 35 of Lent

Jesus is God's answer to a bad reputation. In a way, you could say that everything anyone ever ascribes to God should be and can be filtered through what Jesus did and said. As Christians, we say that Jesus is God's son. As the Word (logos) of God, we understand that Jesus is the closest we will come to seeing the Father. Yes?

It's almost like Jesus is some kind of divine logo. Err... not the greek for "word" like theos as "divine" but a logo, ya know? Think corporate identification.

I love logos. I love logos because they are really expensive and sometimes elaborate symbols. If you go to this website - (click here) - you can see one artist's re-imagining what certain company logos would look like if they were honest.

Funny. I wish I could pick the artist's brain and re-imagine what the cross would look like if it were honest. If our Church logo reflected the truth - would we find Christ or another meaning entirely?

This holy week, as we draw close to the symbol that Jesus wished to be associated with the most - may we remember the divine logos is God's ultimate brand.