feigned attacks / defeats

Which is better... Blow an enemy's attack waaaaay out of proportion and act like it was worse than it was OR take it like it is no big deal?

Exhibit A:

Awkward Headbutt Gif - Awkward Headbutt
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Exhibit B:

Getting Hit By a Car Like a Boss Gif - Getting Hit By a Car Like a Boss
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As you can see professional soccer players (and the coaches too, apparently) are experts at trying to get the other person "caught." Also, If you are going to get hit by a car, roll with it.

Silly, I know. But today I'm wondering if I'm brave, realistic, and loving. Or am I sneaky, tricky, and manipulative?

Which way do Christians respond to perceived threats? What kind of response does the Cross fit into?

It should be obvious that Christ's love is not about blowing things out of proportion. The cross, after all, isn't a defeat - but it certainly is not a feigned attack either.

Let's quit acting like God's grace in Jesus Christ (the Resurrection we celebrated just a few days ago) is some kind of divine judo chop. It is an open palm not a clenched fist. Welcoming, not aggressive.