RUMC Tornado Disaster Response

Greetings in the name of Christ!  In the wake of this horrible disaster in the South there is so much that Riverchase United Methodist Church can do.  Rev. Matt Lacey, Director of Missions and Advocacy for our Conference, is working with the Disaster Response Team to coordinate our efforts in the coming days.  He can be reached at the Conference office or check for updates.  A few suggestions on what you can do now:
  • Pray - God hears your prayers.  Show thanks for blessings and providence but also stay mindful of those who did not weather the storm as well.  God loves them too and we should pray for everyone's well-being.  Stay mindful of those making personal sacrifices to respond to this disaster.
  • Work Together - We know many are willing to go out right now but the hardest hit places are still engaged in search and rescue.  We would do well to stay out of the way of professionals until called in.  Obviously we can take care of our neighbors though and if you see a need, help!  But if it is beyond your capacity, call Rev Matt Lacey or the Church office (987-4030)
  • Donate - RUMC will take up a special offering this Sunday for Tornado Disaster Response.  Write checks to RUMC and put "Tornado Disaster Response" in the memo line.  There are other wonderful agencies in Alabama responding to the disaster as well.  Give generously as our God has given generously!
  • Supply - Lots of simple supplies like water, soap, bandaids, washcloths, toothbrushes, hand towels, and ziplock gallon size bags are needed.  Bring them to RUMC and place in the mission bins marked "Tornado Disaster Response"
  • Time - If you are interested in offering your time to help with disaster response, please contact Rev. John Ray (205.397.3012)
Our God is a good God who hurts when we hurt.  As those who call on the name of Jesus, we can bring new life - Resurrection - to those trapped by sin, death, and this horrible tragedy.  Let's be the hands of feet of Christ to a State that needs Him more than ever.  Let's Share the Joy of Christ.

In Him,


  1. Matt and I definitely want to donate our time with the NCUMC. I will reach out to Rev. Ray. How is Navoo?

  2. I haven't heard yet - working on figuring that out

  3. mission bins marked "Tornado Disaster Response"
    We will be out of town this weekend and unable to attend Sun. Are the bins in the Narthex and will it be unlocked so I can drop some things off before we leave?

  4. The bins are accessible any time the church is open which is typically 9-5 everyday. Usually activities on weekends too. Three sets of bins. Some to the right of the narthex by the restrooms. The others are in the office building by Seth's office. One more at the entrance to the nursery area.

    Thanks in advance!


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