Matthew Reed's New Album, "Come and Drink" EP

I don't listen to Christian music. Well, that isn't entirely true. Every Sunday I worship and appreciate cutting edge Christian music. My ipod has more than a few Dove Award winners of yesteryear. In my youth I listened to DC Talk, Third Day, Audio Adrenaline, Caedmon's Call and Big Tent Revival – remember them? But nowadays I must be set in my ways because finding new artists is something that happens by... well... happenstance.

This is why this music review is really so special – I don't do this all the time. But there is a “new” artist that you need to hear and I'm going to tell you why.

Matthew Reed released a new EP - “Come and Drink” and it has already found its way into the company of said artists. I must admit I was sceptical the first time I heard him. Christian music has a way of being “pushy” - but Matt is anything but pushy. One of my favorite things about this EP is how inviting it is.

Want a hear?  here.

You need to listen to “Come and Drink” because it is good Christian music. Just because music is “Christian” does not make it good.  But when good music is Christian, I am pleasantly encouraged to draw closer to God.  It is like finding a friend who enjoys something you do - listening to Matt's music is like finding a friend who I can give credit to because our hearts are in similar places and we never knew it.

“Come and Drink” is inviting.  The title of the EP is inviting.  The ambiance is inviting.  The theology is inviting.  Not pushy - inviting.  There is a difference and Matthew Reed gets it.  The songs are theologically sound.  What I mean is that occasionally Christian songs would rather tell you how you should feel or how we should perceive God.  Matt's music invites God to be a priority and our fulfillment.  It invites us to invite God - and this is a great gift.

“Come and Drink” is polished.  I'm no producer but it sounds wonderful.  The time and attention to detail is appreciated.  He is a pro.  Actually, when Matthew and I were talking about his EP he mentioned he spent several years on the worship team at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham and I thought, "Oh, wonderful, another well-meaning but poorly prepared worship leader."  But it is more than polished, it is passionate.

“Come and Drink” is catchy.  Every good song needs a hook and progression.  "Come and Drink" has forethought and definitive progress.  I don't know how to describe it, but as new as "Come and Drink" is, it has blatant and beautiful Old Testament references.  The music conjures two thoughts for me:  first it exudes an appreciation for so many names of God and the people who call themselves followers.  It is like moving through a Psalm.  Second, it could be a soundtrack to the disconnect between our current appreciation for the new and modern (as felt in the musical style) and struggles with faith and tradition (as perceived in the throwback lyrics).

If I had a criticism it would be that the content of the six songs is similar. But this is an EP.  In a world where singles are more purchased than a full album anyway.  Matt can be excused having a great voice that encourages you to actually listen to the lyrics.

My favorite song is "Emmanuel."  It gives you room to think and move at a pace that you can enjoy Matthew and dwell on what God is capable of.  Great music takes you beyond itself and Emmanuel is one of those songs where I could just listen to it over and over again and hear something new in it each time.

You can get “Come and Drink” here and read more about Matthew Reed here