LOST (and found): The Beginning

Love LOST?  Yeah, me too.  With a little help from Netflix and lostpedia, I'm going to be doing something that I've wanted to do for ages.  I'm going to start a LOST Devotional.  Here is what I hope to do:

- Bridge the thematic links between happenings/people/themes in LOST and Christian thought.
- Act like you've seen it.  I was going to try to keep it spoiler free, but so much of watching it after the end of the show shows the depth and breadth of thought.
- Not break any laws.  As much as I'd love to show you corresponding clips of LOST that match what I'm talking about, ABC probably won't give me permission to do so.  And while I'm trying not to break any laws, you'll find my official straight-out-of-my-head disclaimer at the bottom in fine print.
- Have fun with others.  I love talking about Christianity and I love LOST.  Surely there are those who have a similar sentiment.  At the same time, I know haters are gonna hate.  Yes, LOST has suggestive themes and isn't for everyone.  Yes, LOST is not a Christian show.  Don't care.  Have fun.

What do you think?  Should I change the ground rules?  Have something you'd really like for me to touch on?

My "official" disclaimer, should for some odd reason someone cares about this stuff:
- There will be spoilers.  All six seasons could possibly be used in every/any post.  You've been warned!

- Obviously, there are copyrights to LOST's material and I'm pretty sure ABC, lostpedia, and Netflix deserve credit where credit is due.  Basically, go buy/use their stuff and support them, because I watched all the episodes on Netflix, Lostpedia and its users provide invaluable information, and ABC owns the rights to the show and characters.  You can also go watch all the episodes on Hulu, but they still don't give me the rights to post clips on my blog.
- The opinions here are my own unless credit is given.
- All Bible translations will be NIV unless otherwise noted.
- Closest actual legal disclaimer: This fansite is not affiliated with ABC, Bad Robot Productions or The Walt Disney Company. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners, and are used here under the terms of Fair Use as defined in United States CopyrightDoctrine. LOST is a registered trademark of Disney Enterprises, Inc.