Thought for the morning

Christians claim Jesus.  If we claim Jesus, that means we hope to live like Jesus.  If we live like Jesus that means we have to love like Jesus.  If we love like Jesus, then we love those who are not like us.

The Son of God came and loved on those who were the least like God.  Jesus came to reach out to those who had been rejected, condemned, or ostracized and were powerless to overcome their separation.

Jesus came to claim the ones that no one else wanted - the "godless" and the "wicked."

If we love those who are not like us, Jesus can love them as his own.  If we love as Jesus does, we will live as Jesus does.  If we live like Jesus, we discover we aren't the ones claiming Jesus - Jesus is the one claiming us.  Then we realize while Christ would associate with such people as, "Christians."