Don't have time.

"I don't have time" - this isn't a truth; it is a justification when I don't care enough.

So now that I'm posting to my blog again I'm reminded of how great it is to take time to be with family.  There are so many places in life where I just don't have time... have you said it before too?

I have.

But when I say "I don't have time," more often than not it isn't that I'm caught in circumstances I can't control.  More often than not - I'm simply deciding my priorities.

Who hasn't shrugged at that person and need and said to ourselves and God - hey, I can't control what I'm going through.

Hogwash.  (that's the word I'd use while preaching so I don't say a dirty word)

The truth is that  there is more than enough time.  We make our own time.  Those things that matter most to us - football, movies, music, alcohol.  Always time for those things, right?  Always money to be found for one more fix.

That is one great thing about the holidays - we don't have time.  And yet, we spend time with our loved ones and realize how much we needed this.  We are forced, in a way.  Perhaps the birth of this Christ child forces us to take time?

At least, that is what I'm experiencing.  I need my family.  They make me who I am.  I might slip into being the middle son but it is totally worth it.  I sure don't enjoy Christmas because I need more stuff.  In fact, my favorite gift this year was a donation to angel tree in our honor.

What has been the greatest gift you've received this Christmas?  Mine has been time.  Time I don't have.  But time I won't trade.