Lent in Reverse (6th)

As we walk away from Jerusalem with the Disciples back to Galilee (where it all began and must begin again) I'm posting my Lenten devotionals in reverse.  Most of them.



John 13:21-32

As a Boy Scout I was always afraid of the dark.  My favorite part of the trip was when we set up a fire and told stories or prepared dinner.  Then myself and friends would stay up late into the night looking intently into the fire or gazing at stars.

Anything to keep me from being in the dark.

When I read John 13, nothing speaks to me like "It was night."  The way Judas betrays Jesus shows appreciation for the darker side of life.

To be absent from Christ's love is to be in a dark place.  We all know what those places look like.  But do we appreciate how dark they are?  Jesus did.  One of his best friends was going to betray him.  And yet, he looked at Judas and continued to give him the choice to turn back.

We have been in dark places and I don't think any of us would hope that for others.  Let's work to light up this world with your love.  Jerusalem is a dark place.  Bring your light!

Light of the world, you shone down into darkness.
Open my eyes, let me see.
Thank you for illuminating my life.