Lent In Reverse (10th)

As we walk away from Jerusalem with the Disciples back to Galilee (where it all began and must begin again) I'm posting my Lenten devotionals in reverse.  Most of them.


A New Thing

Isaiah 43:16-21

I grew up on Lake Martin.  Lots of swimming.  Lots of skiing.  Lots of late nights out on the water.  One of my favorite things to do is swim as the sun went down and sit on the dock with my legs in the water and toss may-flies in to the water to attract fish.

During the Winter, however, the State of Alabama will lower the water level (it is a non-navigable waterway). There was a time in my life when life did not continue until the water came back to its summer look again.

One day the water was down.  The next day the water was up.  Just like that.

The Scripture this morning is about living water.  It creeps up and you might even miss it.  God's grace is moving in ways we may not even perceive it.  We are encouraged, "forget the past!  Don't dwell on what has already happened!"  You may miss what is coming next.

What regrets do you have?  Where do you feel like God didn't show up?  It may be that these new things are invisible to you.

But maybe it is like Lake Martin's water level.  One day the water is down.  The next day the water is up.  Just like that.

I hope today you find streams in the wilderness from a God who is doing a new thing.

God, give me this source of living water.
Help me to look forward to the new work of your Spirit.