BSC's Baccalaureate Sermon

A month ago BSC graduated our 2012 class.  Felt good to unleash them upon the world, but not without a few parting words of wisdom.  Below is the Baccalaureate Sermon that I preached May 18th, 2012 at Canterbury United Methodist Church.

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It was a great service.  The Gospel Choir and Hilltop Singers rocked it out.  Fun times were had by all. Well, at least by me. Enjoy the sermon.

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  1. I was actually thinking about your message this week (my daughter was in the graduating class). I was having blueberries with my breakfast, looking over them to make sure they were still good, and I thought about your brother leaving that bucket of blueberries in his car. Thankfully, mine were still fresh.

  2. Sounds good. Can't wait to go out to Marion and pick some blueberries. Thanks for stopping by :)


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