Quick thought! Cable costs too much.

AT&T U-Verse, you've served me well.  Sadly, the bill just inched up too far for me to stomach the amount I was paying for something I don't use.

Can I shoot you straight for a sec?  We paid 150 a month for internet and tv.  That's the "lowest" tv plan they offered plus a decent internet connection.  I'd bet in the past month we've watched 20 hours of tv.  Some of that is sports, some was shows, most were us intentionally sitting down and consuming exactly what we had saved to our DVR.  It just wasn't worth it.  You know what else I can do with $100 a month?  That being said - I did buy a little device called a Chromecast that will still allow me to watch a lot of the stuff that I love.  Saturday mornings may be rough. :)

All it took was a little financial gumption to just cut the cord.  Even if I miss it, I just can't validate paying for something I don't use and to keep it would have been lazy on my part.

Frankly, I'm looking for other internet options and would welcome any suggestions.

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