Quick thought! I'm soft.

AC went out in the house for two nights.  The dog just smiled.  I wondered if I would ever be able to think straight again.

Have you noticed it's not even hot in Alabama right now?  Seriously.  It rains too much.  Well, when did I get to the place where I somehow couldn't function without air conditioning?  Makes me want to disappear into the woods and sweat til I forget any other reality.

Seriously.  Stop right now and think about what big problem has been enveloping your world.  Now, step back and ask if that is really end game material? 99% of the time for me such an exercise will leave me humbled.

What's that time-travel book where someone goes back to the middle ages and everyone there is ripped because 14th century France is so hard?

Yeah, I'm soft.  Especially as I proclaim this on my blog.

That's right.  Gerard Butler was in that movie.  Geez I need to read "A Wrinkle In Time"

(Quick thoughts are thoughts that I had but didn't want to lose.  They aren't completely thought through or thought out but something I wanted to share and converse about)  Check the labels on this blog to find more.

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