I'm giving up the internet for #Lent

Well, to be clear: I'm giving up letting the internet talk to me.  So much noise, so much fear and angst.  I think I can do without all that for a bit - for my spiritual health.

Here is what I am doing until Easter, April 20th 2014:
1.) Shut down all my notifications for social media on my phone.  No more instagram, twitter, or facebook chirping at me.  I'm sure I've forgotten a few and as they pop up I'm going to say a prayer for them and set them free (i.e. turn them off).
2.) Reorganized my bookmarks so I won't automatically open news, blogs, or sports websites absentmindedly.  I'm interested to see how shuffling my access stands in the way of me just sitting at the computer burning time or reading things I could avoid.
3.) Post more to my blog.  I'm still going to talk to the internet.  I like to imagine I'm sequestering myself on a desert island and sending out messages in bottles.  To that end I may still use social media, I just won't be letting it use me.
4.) Pocket things I want until after April.  I'm using an app (called Pocket) that saves things and I'll get to them after Lent.  If they aren't around any more after 40 days they must not have been that important in the first place.
5.) Try not to respond to (or use) social media comment systems.  Texts?  Sure.

Lent is supposed to be a season where we are painfully aware of the frailty of life, make room for God to show up, and turn our hearts towards a God that has not forgotten us.  I hope this Lent these changes will help me remember Jesus more and make space for his resurrection.