Is there any hope?

I prayed today for peace between Israel and Hamas.  The person I prayed with said that the "other side" isn't interested in a truce or in peace.  They are only interested in the complete obliteration of their enemies.  When that is the case, this person said, there can be no peace.

Is that true?  Is the only possible outcome the destruction of one or the other?

Jesus knew a thing or two about facing impossible odds.  He also knew of what it was to face those who aren't interested in peace but strictly determined to destroy him.  Interestingly, his response was less negation of the threat and more of proving just how powerless they are to compromise God's plan for mending the world.

I don't mean either side in this quasi-eternal conflict must submit to death as Jesus did (the cross is A LOT less aquiescence than willful submission).  Instead, I only offer that as a Christian I must seek a third way... not flight.  Not fight.  The only path to redemption...salvation...justice... is a third way exemplified by Christ in the love he always responded in.

This isn't easy.  It certainly is risky when the "other side" simply desires your destruction.  But what we can't yet see (and accept on faith) and what the other side isn't aware of, is that a loving and miraculous God doesn't work like we do.  Destruction is not the only path to abundant life.

Pic is from here.  Also, this one is relevant.