Pastor as Father (3 of plenty)

God loves me.  In my best moments this belief enables me to overcome every obstacle.  In my worst moments I forget and become filled with fear, despair, or hate.  Here are two reminders for me so that I forget this less:

In the picture below is a piece of artwork and a book.
The art was drawn by my wife and it sits on my nightstand.  In the picture you can see the world, the moon (a wee baby moon as my Mom would say), the stars (all of God's creation), and me.  Yes, those two people are me.  One is Cheryl, but she completes me.  Also, when she drew it she wasn't pregnant but she is pregnant now in the picture (that's how this works!).  So at the bottom right it says, "God loves me."  This truth works in many ways.  First, I'm reminded of the amazing love of God through my wife.  Second, I'm reminded of the incredible joy and purpose I find in loving her like Christ would.  It is my favorite piece of art in the world and it's worth can't be measured.

The book below it was given to us by my parents recently.  You'll notice similarities.  The world... the moon (a wee baby one!)... the stars...  This book, however, has a third person.  I don't have to say more, do I?

It's minor and silly and cliche and way too existential for a children's book - but I don't know if I can read this book to our child without pouring my whole soul into my greatest desire for her.  I want her to know she is loved.  How do parents not lose their whole reality into this endeavor?  Where do we lose track and forget the very love that weaves our reality together?  When I see these pictures I remember that God loves me and I hope ever book we read, every place we go, every conversation, hug, and day we share reminds her the same thing.

There are too many people who have forgotten how loved they are.  I may not have the artistic ability of Cheryl but I'd bet I can paint similar pictures for my daughter and everyone I meet.  Remember, friend - God loves you.

The previous "Pastor as Father" post is here.  This is part of an ongoing "Pastor as..." Series.  Being a pastor is always about the intersection between you, me, and God.  At least for my reality.

(also, I highly recommend the book)