Advent 13 - Movies

Christmas is movies. Well, maybe it is more accurate to say that certain movies are a big part of Christmas because they invoke such amazing memories and awaken within us the Christmas spirit. In 1965, A Charlie Brown Christmas became an instant classic. The creator of Charlie Brown, Charles M. Schulz, made the climax of the film the reading of the Christmas story from Luke’s Gospel in an attempt to help people remember the meaning of Christmas. He should also be held responsible for teaching generations of America how to dance and have a good time with different people (See below).

This film is special for so many reasons. First, it points people to Jesus’ birth but not in a condescending way. Second, it is real world application. Who hasn’t given their all like Charlie Brown to make Christmas happen, only to discover that making Christmas happen is largely out of our hands? Third, the music is fantastic. Even if someone has never seen the movie, the jazz score resonates and creates its own Christmas memories. Fourth, Snoopy.

This Christmas, we hope you’ll spend a little time with Charlie Brown so you can find, once again, the reason for the season.