Advent 2 - Anticipation

Anyone who has ever looked at a wrapped present and dreamed about what is inside will tell you, opening it is half the fun. The feeling of anticipation is what makes Christmas so special. With all the prophets and all the preparation and all the work that goes into a baby being born, it is no small wonder that Christmas is more than a day. Presents are great, but waiting for them is a gift as well.

This Christmas, we hope you’ll anticipate great things from God and watch for when you can enjoy them. Part of being a child of God is excitedly looking for the good things that God wants to share with us. In fact, when we can pay attention to what others are needing and meet that need, Christmas happens. Anticipation isn’t just about receiving, but about giving. We pray this Christmas your anticipation will keep you joyful.

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Photo by Jenna Hamra